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Beato 1868

Japon et Chine (Japan and China) - Felice Beato (1832-1909) and Frederick WilliamSutton (1832-1883). Japanese and Chinese types and views of Yokohama, Atsunghi, Nagasaki, Mayonashi. Around 1868. Photographic album comprising 64 photographs on albumen paper including 55 enhanced in color by hand and distributed as follows:
- 40 photographs on Japan by Felice Beato with, on the opposite page, a printed label with the detailed caption in English. 27 x 22 cm. (photo). 32 enhanced type photos and 8 unenhanced topographic views. - 23 photographs in business card format laminated by 4 or 5 on the middle pages of the album with their captions printed in English underneath, or next to them. By Felice Beato and Frederick Sutton including 15 types on Japan 8 types on China. 9.5 x 5.5 cm. - Oblong folio album: 36 x 49 cm. Titled on the cover: Views of Japan.

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